City of Detroit Employees

Dear City of Detroit Employee:

You've worked hard, made a difference in the City of Detroit. Now, you're ready to retire and not sure what steps you need to take to start the process? Outlined below is what you need to do to begin your retirement.

STEP 1:  Contact the Detroit General Retirement System to get a Benefit Estimate - call 313-  224-3362, extension 227

STEP 2:  Inform your active payroll department of your intent to retire.  The payroll department will then review your information and send you a letter detailing your estimated date of retirement

STEP 3:  After receiving the letter from your active payroll department outlining your estimated date of retirement, call the General Retirement System to schedule an appointment to discuss the full details of your retirement .  Call 313-224-3362.

STEP 4: Bring the following documents with you for your retirement appointment:

  • Letter of intent to retire (from the payroll department
  • Benefit estimate
  • Proof of birth for yourself and your spouse (beneficiary)
  • Spouse/ beneficiary social security number
  • Marriage license
  • Name of bank, account number and routing number (if direct deposit is desired)



I first began advising retirees from the General Retirement System and the Police and Fire Retirement System in the late 1980’s. For over 20 years I have had the pleasure to help hundreds of City of Detroit workers transition into retirement. 


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Over the course of our meetings a relationship usually forms and we are able to work together to create one of the best possible designs available for your individual situation.  We have worked hard as advisors with our City of Detroit clients and we will continue to work hard for you. It is my strongest hope that you will take advantage of our free, no obligation initial consultation and allow us to make recommendations towards your retirement objectives.  It is now easy to test your progress towards a comfortable retirement.  Best of all, it is free!

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Daniel P. Thomas Jr., CFP®, CLU

Useful Web-sites for City of Detroit Employees Considering Retirement


*72(t) programs are complicated and are not appropriate for all investors and they should seek the advice of a tax professional. Once established, changes or modifications to a 72(t) program may incur severe penalties from the IRS.  72(t) distributions from a qualified plan are still subject to normal taxation.  Investors should note that distributions taken under a 72(t) program may be subject to surrender charges and/or early redemption fees based upon the type of investments held within the qualified plan. 

*Daniel P. Thomas and Thomas Financial Group, LLC is not affiliated with the City of Detroit.